3 Ways to Purchase The Wrong Emergency Power Generator

The sole purpose of having an emergency power generator is to be able to have back up power when you need it. That last thing on earth anyone wants to experience is a power outage, grab his or her generator and it won’t start. Or, it runs sporadically. If this unfortunate mishap occurs during the winter, this could wreak havoc on so many levels. How does a homeowner or business owner end up in this unfortunate predicament? They make one or more of these three mistakes when purchasing their emergency power generator.

Mistake #1 – Not Doing Your Homework Prior To Buying
This happens more than you would think. I recently had an individual attempting to sell us a practically new 1000-watt generator. He ran it once and figured out after it kept shutting down that he purchased the wrong size emergency power generator for his needs. He ended up having a total of four problems: (a) He needed a 3500 watt generator. (b) He paid way too much for the 1000 watt generator. (c) The company didn’t allow returns after the unit had been fueled and cranked unless it was defective (d) He bought a cheap generator brand that was not in high demand.

Essentially, unless he can sell this unit on websites like Ebay or Craigslist, he’s stuck! When buying any generator, including an emergency power generator, do your homework. You need to know how much wattage you’ll need at start up and how much you’ll need once the unit is running. In the industry we call this generator sizing. When a person or a business doesn’t perform generator sizing, they almost always end up with the wrong generator,

Mistake #2 – Buying a Cheap Generator
When stores and companies advertise an emergency power generator at a ridiculously low price, its most likely a cheap generator. In many cases, the price is so low they literally make the deal too good to pass up. Especially when consumers perform price comparisons. Who in their right mind is going to pass up saving $350.00 on a generator purchase? I’ll tell you who, only savvy informed buyers. The truth is you can’t compare a cheap generator to any of the well know brands that have established a reputation for dependability, ruggedness, fuel efficiency and clean quiet portable power. Cheap generators cost you in the long run. You’ll end up using more for fuel, dealing with more maintenance issues and receiving less customer service.

Mistake #3 – Buying From The Wrong Source
Since the Internet, an incredible number of people have jumped on board the purported online bonanza. The problem is, the majority of these individuals have no knowledge of the products they are selling and therefore can offer zero support. It is becoming a common theme. A person launches a website struggles for months to make money and then BOOM! The website disappears into the vast ocean of expired domain names. If you bought an emergency power generator through such a website, you’re pretty much out of luck. Make sure that you purchase from an authorized dealer. If not, make sure that the company selling the generator can provide you with some type of onsite warranty service.

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[...] 3 Ways to Purchase The Wrong Emergency Power Generator [...]


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