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A 3500 Watt Generator provides you with many more capabilities than a 1000 watt generator or a 2000 watt generator. Depending on which generator brand you end up getting, you can use these units at construction jobsites, as an emergency power generator, and at camping sites when you’re powering multiple devices. The list of uses expand as you increase your generator wattage. With that being said, I do have somewhat of an urgent warning regarding Generators and Generator Sizing.

As awesome as generators can be, they do have their downside when you don’t follow the instruction manual. Here’s my warning; don’t roll the dice and make the crucial mistake of putting to many devices on your 3500 watt generator. There’s only way to be certain the unit can handle the device or load of devices in question. That is to perform what we industry people call a generator sizing test. This is a rather simple survey that will let you know the wattage you need to safely run your generator. You may be startled to know how many men and women pay good money for generators without giving any consideration to how much wattage they will require.

Here’s a question one gentleman asked me, “Can I Use a 3500 Watt Generator In Place of a 6500 Watt Generator?” After further talking with him, it became apparent that he assumed that the outlets on a generator were the same as the outlets in his house.

Here is my answer… if you fail or refuse to perform a generator sizing test, be prepared for the worse! There is a high probability that you could damage your laptop or other sensitive electronic equipment. You can even cause a short and/or destroy the generator in the process. The best course of action is pretty clear; don’t take that chance. Know your generator’s wattage capabilities and know how much power your appliances and devices require. Let’s say you buy a 3500 watt generator, yet, you actually needed a 6500 watt generator and in the process you burn the wiring in the unit, effectively ruining it. Almost every generator manufacturer is going to automatically deny any warranty claims that you make. Why? Because you didn’t abide by the owner’s instruction manual. Click on the link to get more info on getting a discount on a 3500 watt generator.

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