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A 4000 Watt Generator can bestow some pretty amazing capabilities on you. For instance, depending on the brand of generator you finally decide on, you can use the unit as: an emergency power generator, jobsite generator, tailgating generator and also a camping generator. Just a reminder; some of the higher wattage generators, (4000 watt generators and up) may require two very strong people to move the unit around. Take this into consideration when deciding on which unit you ultimately select

Secondly, before you make the error of erroneously believing that a 4000 watt generator is the end all solution for your al of power needs, I have a serious briefing for you. This will help you choose the right generator. When the power goes out, or you need portable power, a generator can save the day. But, as great as generators are, here’s my brief but crucially important tip; don’t make the misstep of overloading your generator.

Will a 4000 Watt Generator Handle All of My Needs?
The only way to be certain the 4000 watt generator you are considering buying can actually handle the device or devices in question is to perform what’s called a generator sizing test. This is a rather simple questionnaire that quickly helps you determine the size of generator you will need to safely meet your power demands. Unfortunately, we still see an alarming number homeowners purchase generators without giving little if any thought to how much wattage they will require.

I cannot tell you how many times we have had people write, call or e-mail us asking questions such as, “I have a 2000 watt generator, why does the circuit breaker keep tripping? My extension cord melted, what was the cause of that? It’s a new 1000 watt generator but it burned out the first time we attempted to use it, now the store won’t take it back, what can we do?”

Suffice it to say, if you don’t perform the generator sizing test, there is a distinct possibility that you will damage your sensitive electronic equipment and/or harm the generator itself. Unless you can afford to throw away hard earned money, don’t take that chance. Know your generator’s limits and capabilities and know how much power your appliances and devices require. Here’s another alert; most manufacturers will automatically void your warranty if they determine that you violated the instructions in owner’s manual. And believe me when I tell, that’s not that hard to prove. Click on the link to get more info on getting a discount on a 4000 Watt Generator.

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