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At, we believe it is appropriate to warn you about the cheap generator knockoffs coming from primarily from China.

The best way to describe cheap generators? They are usually clones of Honda Generators, Briggs & Stratton Generators, Yamaha Generators and other the reputable companies.

Although the low prices of cheap generators are virtually irresistible, (especially considering that they throw in an electric start and wheel kit with the price), you should be very wary about purchasing any cheap generator.

Here are some of the common issues users normally experience after purchasing a cheap generator:


Cheap Generators Are Not Fuel Efficient
You have to remember, most cheap generators are copycats. In other words, a manufacturer clones a reputable generator manufacturer. In the process of cloning, they don’t apply any engineering or technical acumen. They copy what they see, made with inferior material and products of course. With this bargain basement quality of workmanship, Fuel efficiency is not a concern.

Cheap Generators Cheap Generators Are Noisy

Making a portable generator noise compliant raises the cost of the unit. The cloned units simply cannot afford to provide quality noise suppressors… without raising the costs. Remember the axiom, “You get what you pay for?”


Many Cheap Generators Require Power Conditioners

Because of their instability, you may be required to add a power conditioner to stabilize/balance the power output. If you don’t, you may be forced to watch in dismay as whatever your generator is powering, fluctuates to the point that you become aggravated.


Almost All Cheap Generators Are Not CSA or UL Approved

This means they don’t have to adhere to any electrical safety standards. With cheap generators you’ll find yourself dealing with improper breakers. In one case we found a cheap generator with two outlets, only one of the outlets had circuit breaker. In other case we found a portable generator with two 120VAC outlets. One outlet produced 170VAC, the other outlet produced 70VAC. We inspected another cheap generator and found that the neutral wire was missing entirely. As you can see, buying cheap doesn’t necessarily mean buying smart.


Where to Find Cheap Generators

You can find cheap generators on Ebay, various other online merchants, swap meets, authorized dealers and directly from the manufacturer. What usually grabs most people is the prices. They compare the wattage output to a Honda Generator, look at the price and choose the cheap generator thinking they are getting a great deal, but comparing a cheap generator to a Honda, Yamaha or a Briggs & Stratton is like comparing a Porsche to a Yugo; they both are compact cars and that’s where the similarity ends.


How Do I Know If a Unit Falls Into The Cheap Generator Category?

Your first and foremost telltale sign is to look for the, “MADE IN CHINA” tag. We have nothing against China, it’s just that, we make it our business to know generators and have found the reviews from generators made in China are awfully terrible. Someone asked, why don't we mention the names of the manufacturers. The answer is, they would deny the truth and attempt to sue us.


Our Final Analysis

When it comes to cheap generators, you will definitely save some money up front, but be warned, be prepared to watch your cost savings spiral down the drain, when you are forced purchase power conditioners, noise suppressors, additional fuel and repair costs. Also, you’ll most likely have to deal with the aggravation that comes with poor customer service, hard to find replacement parts. One cheap generator manufacturer suggests using Honda parts on their generators. How bout them apples? In summation, cheap generators are not the solution if you demand reliability, customer satisfaction, low noise output, fuel efficiency and durability.


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