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DEK Generators

There is currently not a lot of third party information about DEK Generators.


This may have to do with the fact that most of their sales are outside of the United States.


That being said, here’s an important caveat; anytime you are purchasing a generator, you want to be able to read reviews from other users.


This is one critical way to help you determine the reliability and dependability of a generator.


If the reviews are mostly negative, it’s a no-brainer; don’t even think about purchasing that generator! If there reviews are mixed, this could mean a number of things, (i.e., company provided bad user instructions, low quality generator, cheap generator, etc.)


If there are no reviews, then watch out! This usually means that you are dealing with a new release; one that is most likely unproven. So you have to ask yourself, “Do I want to take chance on having emergency back up power when you need it with a little known generator with no proven results?”


Bear in mind that we are not attempting to discourage anyone from purchasing a DEK Generator. As stated previously, we simply don’t know enough about DEK Generators to make an informative assessment. Our team of researchers at literally searched high and low with US distributors, wholesalers and retailers and didn’t find any customer reviews on DEK generators. It might not be that way in other countries, but in the USA, it’s real hard to find any info on a DEK generator no matter what model you’re interested in.


Where Can We Get Any Info On DEK Generators?

That’s a great question and here’s our answer. Currently, what you can learn you about DEK Generators comes directly DEK. They advertise themselves as being the leading manufacturer (as they put it, the #1 in mainland China). They state that their generator lines, both DEK and DJ are low priced and similar to Honda and Yanmar in quality. Once again, these statements have not been proven in the US.


According to DEK generator officials, their equipment has passed CE and ISO9002 certifications and have been exported to over 60 countries and regions, with exclusive distributors in German, Italy, South Africa, Greece, Israel, and Singapore. It has been reported that DEK is the first manufacturer of an air-cooled diesel engine in Mainland China, to pass CE, ISO9002 and have certificates, testing 1500 hours without any problems.


The DEK Generator product line is divided into 2 product offerings: Diesel and Gasoline powered portable generators. In each of these categories DEK offers several models with various power output ratings ranging.


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