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A gas generator is by far the most familiar type of generator for obvious reasons; gas is readily available and although gas prices are constantly fluctuating, gas still remains a relatively inexpensive in fuel in comparison to diesel, propane and natural gas.

What about the price of gas generators? The price depends on the components used; multi cylinder, water-cooled engines operate at a steady temperature and produce less noise, which makes them qualitatively superior and priced higher.

The price increases as you move into features such as: electric starter, voltmeter, surge protector, low oil shut down, high temperature shutdown and overhead valves. The type of alternator used, wattage output and engine speed also determine the price and life of the generator. The cheaper gas generator is normally the single cylinder, air-cooled engines, which incidentally is nosier, even if it includes a muffler.

Are there Any Other Advantages of Using Gas Generators?
Aside from the fuel factor, the other primary advantage of a gas generator is the power per weight unit is more than any of the other types of generators. On average home generators run in the range of $450 to $2300. That’s a Kilowatt range of 3kW to 16kW. Other factors to consider:

» Gasoline has a relatively short shelf life; approximately six months

» Gasoline is highly inflammable

» Storing gasoline for long durations can be extremely dangerous

» Gas generators usually requires frequent maintenance

» Gasoline forms gum deposits especially in cold weather
If a gasoline generator is not run often, it can cause problems in fuel filters and carburetors

After all that has been shared, gas generators are designed to provide ease of use, reliable and safe portable power for when you need it most. Especially in times of residential emergencies, a gasoline generator is without a doubt your most reliable source of portable power


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