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Gillette Generators
People are often looking for concise information on the Gillette Generator line; well here it is! If you are in the market for a portable generator, diesel generator or a larger standby generator system, look no further than Gillette generators. They supply the best possible generator systems that money can buy. Gillette manufacturers and assembles many different styles of generators. They classify themselves as a total manufacturer of the largest assortment of portable generator sets on the market.

Simply put, the Gillette team are true innovators. They have pioneered and been the first to offer numerous features exclusive to their machines to produce consistent voltage, and "Power Assist" resulting in superior electrical motor starting power.

Gillette GeneratorAre Gillette Generators Made Outside The USA?
Absolutely not! Gillette manufactures their entire generator, including all windings, at their facilities in beautiful Elkhart, Indiana. They are one of the very few generator manufacturers that still wind their generators, rather than purchase inferior offshore brands. This gives them complete control over quality standards of engineering, workmanship and features.

What Type of Warranty Does Gillette Generators Provide?
Gillette's typical warranty is two years on the generator and two years on engine, (with modifications on some models). Because other providers manufacture the engines, their specific warranties apply. However, it is important to note: you should contact Gillette prior to any warranty work, so that they can direct you to the closest and best service provider.   

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