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NorthStar Generator an Excellent Resource
For Information on NorthStar Generators

What Can You Tell Me About NorthStar Generators ?
NorthStar Generators come in three different variations: 

a).   Gasoline

b).   Diesel, and

c).   Tri-fuel models


NorthStar Generators are powered by engines from either: Honda, Kohler, Tecumseh, Yanmar or Hatz Diesel and they can range anywhere from 2,700 to 15,000 watts. Currently, the models that provide more than 5,000 watts are all equipped with the much needed extended-run fuel tanks and 120-volt and 240-volt outlets. One of the nice features of  NorthStar generators is that they come with maintenance-free, copper-wound brushless head and circuit breaker protection.


Where to Buy NorthStar Generators

After much research, we’ve found that the only two places to buy NorthStar Generators are and the Northern Tool & Equipment Company. Actually Amazon goes through Northern Tool, so technically, the only place to get NorthStar Generators is at Northern Tool.

Where To Go For Service For NorthStar Generators

We do have some concerns, when it comes to NorthStar Generators that have not been addressed. For example our research team has not found service centers to be readily available. Neither have we found NorthStar Generator parts readily available. We will give them this; most of the users have given them good reviews. We just feel safer knowing that we have easy access to service and parts. We’ll keep you updated as this information changes.

For more info on NorthStar Generators, search the generator supersite,