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Who Produces The Most Reliable
Portable Generator On The Market

In America, getting a jump on the competition means making claims and assertions about products or services. For example, almost every car dealer claims to have the best prices. When it comes to portable generators, there are many manufacturers who claim and assert that they produce the most reliable generators.


This presents a problem; who’s telling the truth? If you are searching for the most reliable portable generator you will most likely be left confused after a short search. This is not because there are no reliable portable generators. Neither is it because of overwhelmingly false or misleading advertising by advertisers. It is primarily because every manufacturer has a right to provide an opinion on which portable generator they believe to be the most reliable.

To make things even more complicated, the truthful fact is, no one portable generator brand dwarfs over other the brands in terms of reliability. The fact is; there are a number of great portable generator brands available. To name a few: 

Honda Portable Generators

Generac Portable Generators

Yamaha Portable Generators

Briggs & Stratton Generators 

  Kawasaki Portable Generators

Guardian Portable Generators  

Makita Portable Generators 

  Husqvarna Portable Generators

Mitsubishi Portable Generators  

Portable Generator Fact

Some of the lesser-known portable generator brands are actually powered by engines made by the more well known generator brands such as Honda, Coleman, Cummins, Yamaha and Kawasaki generators engines. When you find a lesser known portable generator, do your homework and check out who makes the engine.


Portable Generator Fact

Some of the lesser known portable generator brands are actually brand name generators with another named slapped on them. It works like this; the lesser-known company enters into an agreement the brand name generator manufacturer. The agreement is simple, you sell us your generators with our name on it and we pay you for the privilege. In this scenario, everyone wins, but particularly the consumer. They get to purchase what seems to be an off brand portable generator, which is actually a name brand generator with an off brand named stamped on it... at a reduced price.


In summation, there are a number of reliable portable generators on the market, so don't waste your time attempting to find THE MOST reliable, because you won't find it.

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