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Baldor Generator Portable Generators, Diesel Generators

Baldor Generators
Baldor Electric is the largest industrial electric motor manufacturer in the USA. For more than 35 years, the military, industrial, commercial, construction, and rental customers have trusted Baldor Generators for solutions to their power requirements.

Baldor portable generators are designed to meet your demands when dependable portable power is required.

The performance and durability of Baldor portables has made them the “generator of choice” for industrial and rental/construction applications.

Here’s a brief summary of this line of tough high-powered generators.


Baldor Generator Premier K-Series

Baldor Generators - Industrial Portables  

Baldor industrial portable generators are suitable for applications where portable power is needed. Available from 1100 through 11,000 watts, these rigorous generators are designed for continuous use.


Portable generators are available in several models: full featured (Premier line); maximum value (Powerchief line); and diesel. Baldor portables provide a "Switchless Full Pow'R" feature, which eliminates the voltage selector 'power switch'. The Premier models also have an automatic idler feature, which reduces fuel consumption, and have a unique 'Focal Vibration System', which reduces vibration and eliminates 'floor walking'. 


Baldor Generators - Industrial Towable Standby 

Baldor’s switchable/towable diesel generators are engineered for safety, versatility, durability and superior reliability. From the ultra quiet sound attenuated enclosures and precision generator sets to the state-of the-art electronics and controls, these units are suited for all industrial, commercial and rental applications.


Available from 25KVA/20kW to 250 KVA/200kW, these units have a three position voltage selection switch for 1 and 3 phase connections; large integral fuel tank; fuel water separators and many safety features including water temperature shutdown, and low oil shutdown. 


Baldor Generators - Open Industrial Standby 

Used as power systems for water treatment plants, these Industrial diesel engine-driven generator systems are just what the doctor ordered. They are also used for industrial single-phase applications including agricultural confinement house operations, greenhouse facilities and dairy operations.


Available in sizes 30kW to 200kW powered by the world renown John Deere engine. Some of the features include full-status monitor, fuel connections for use with existing tanks or provisions for optional sub-base tank. Available options include weather protecting enclosures, circuit breakers, and starting battery/charger. 


Baldor Generators - Automatic Emergency Standby 

These Automatic Emergency generators are available from 8-25 kW ratings and have been engineered and built to meet the emergency power needs of the residential and light commercial customer. These units continuously monitor the electrical current in your home or office and start up automatically if the utility power is interrupted.


And they shut themselves off when utility service is returned. The switch over is literally seamless. Other features include: powder coat paint finish, weatherproof enclosure constructed of heavy gauge steel and has special sound attenuation. Natural gas and LP powered units are available. 


Baldor Generators - Gaseous Standby 

Baldor GLC generator sets are available from 30 to 125 kW and are fueled by natural gas or LP. They provide totally automatic standby power for large residences and small businesses. The automatic voltage regulator provides precise voltage control, while the electronic isochronous governor assures precise frequency control.


Reliable industrial gaseous engines give a long service life on the GLC units. A digital controller features full instrumentation of engine and output power conditions. When used with the optional weatherproof enclosure the unit provides a smooth and quiet operation. 


Baldor Generators - Industrial Gaseous Standby / Prime Power 

The Baldor IGLC power generation systems are industrial liquid cooled generators, available in sizes 125kW to 880kW powered by rugged Cummins engines. They operate by LP or Natural Gas and provide reliable standby power for industrial and commercial applications: including peak shaving and interruptible rate opportunities.


IGLC power generation systems are available in open configuration, weather protective and fully sound attenuated enclosures. Every IGLC power system is designed, engineered, built and tested to the customer's specific specifications. Solid-state engine controls and switchgear systems are designed to meet application requirements. 


Baldor Generators - Industrial Standby / Prime Power 

Whether it's providing primary power for a major metropolitan IT center, a remote copper mine, or supplying vital standby power for a transcontinental ship, Baldor IDLC generators are at work all over the globe. For peak shaving duty, IDLC generators can supply prime power in parallel with the utility.


In the standby mode, the IDLC gensets can supply emergency power to all critical loads and selected loads as desired. Every IDLC power system is designed, engineered, built and tested to the customer's specific specifications. Baldor's IDLC diesel generator sets include ratings from 30kW to 2000kW using John Deere, Mitsubishi, or Detroit diesel engines. 


Baldor Generators - Mobile Light Tower 

Baldor Pow’R Lite Mobile Light provides 60-hour running time and a 30-gallon fuel tank that provides (4) 1,000 watts of light anywhere needed. It runs off a 6,000-watt generator and has a 30’ mast, which provides light coverage for over 7 acres. Diesel engines from Kubota and Lombardini are water cooled for long life and dependability.


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