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Champion Power Line; Who We They?

The Champion Power Equipment team designs and manufactures their own engines and generators at their factory (Zhejiang Champion Power Equipment) in the Zhejiang province of China. They specialize in light duty, medium duty and heavy duty gasoline driven portable generators as well as transfer pumps and pressure washers.


The Champion Brand; It's More Than a Name!

As you shop around and compare prices, you should really go beyond shopping solely for the best price. Or, seeking out the best or top sale. As you search, your focus needs to be on features, quality and extraordinary reliability.


When speaking about generators, its goes beyond a price discount. You want to know is the equipment reliable? If it is not, all of the low prices, everyday discount prices and save big campaigns won't mean a thing. This is what separates Champion fulfillment apart from other generator's deals. This may go against the grain but sometimes the best deal may cost a little more. The bestselling generators cost a little more because they can handle the pressure, the are reliable and if anything goes wrong you get real customer support.


Those facts are give when talking about Honda equipment or any of the major lines such as Yamaha and Champion. As quiet as it is kept, if you compare generators, deals do abound but what about the big question? Is the unit carb approved? For some unit the answer is, "NO!" That's why we caution people to stick with the top rated generators.


The Champion Brand; Noise Level and Fuel Consumption

Champion manufactures open-frame, synchronous-style (as opposed to inverter-style) generators. Their fuel consumption and noise-levels for this style of generator meets or beats that of the open-frame, synchronous-style generators produced by Briggs and Stratton, Pramac, Generac, Honda and Yamaha. In other words, you get a quiet operation, fast response and great support.


They do not offer an auto-idle feature on their generators. The auto-idle feature reduces fuel consumption for generators without load but does not offer any benefit for synchronous-style generators under load.


Champion Generators Compare When It Comes To Harmonic Distortion?

Their generators produce clean electricity with total harmonic distortion (THD) less than 5%, meeting or beating the THD levels of synchronous-style generators produced by the manufacturers listed above. They do encourage consumers to take steps to protect themselves against voltage fluctuations, whether powered through their local electric company, a Champion Power Equipment generator or one of their competitor's models. This is especially significant when powering electronics designed to operate within a narrow range of voltage.


The Standards of The Champion Generator Line

The Canadian Standards Association CSA approves all Champion Power Equipment models sold in Canada). Every generator we produce is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified and all models sold in California also have California Air Resource Board (CARB) certification.


UL does not currently offer a standard for portable generators. There is a working group for UL-2201, a draft proposal for portable generators. Our retail customers often pick elements of the UL-2201 draft proposal as requirements for buying our products. Our compliance with vendor requirements is certified by independent testing laboratories such as BV (Bureau Veritas), Intertek ETL (Electrical Testing Lab) and CTL (Consumer Testing Laboratories).


When You See These Units In Retail Stores, Know This…
When consumers see Champion Power Equipment products on the shelves of their retail stores next to other manufacturers, they can be assured that they have met a higher and more rigorous standard and expectation than all of their competition. This is one line that pushes to promote familiarity, ease of use and all of the important options that users need and want.


Get The Facts About Material and Product Quality

From cast aluminum blocks with cast iron cylinder liners to 100% copper windings, Champion Generators is committed to material and product quality. Each model we produce is test run at our factory at three points in the manufacturing process. Our QA process includes multiple tests and verifications, including ignition, frequency, amps, voltage and component integrity. We test to commercial standards such as CSA as noted above. We also validate emission compliance through EPA-mandated production line sampling.


How About Customer Service and Replacement Parts?
Champion Power Equipment offers free technical support to all their customers for the life of the product. Their product manuals and technical bulletins are available electronically or in print and are written and proofed by knowledgeable native speakers in English, Spanish and French. Their toll-free number rings in our their call center that is staffed with trained technicians and support professionals (available 8:30am - 5:00pm Pacific). Our average speed of answer is 42 seconds, an industry best. In most cases when a person does call 800 whatever, they get a ton of prompts but no help. That is not the case with this company.


The Champion Generator Line Shipping and Fulfillment

Champion Generators stocks a full line of parts and accessories in our Santa Fe Springs warehouse for same day fulfillment of parts orders received by 3:30 PM Pacific. Our Authorized Service Center network spans North America with over 3000 independently owned and operated service.


Should You Buy a Champion Generator?





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