How To Find a 4000 Watt Generator at a Discount

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A 4000 Watt Generator provides you with some pretty grand capabilities.

Depending on the brand of generator you purchase, you can use the unit as: an emergency power generator, job site generator, tailgating generator, camping generator and as well as use it for other midsize requirements.

Before you make the mistake by erroneously believing that a 4000 watt generator is the end all solution for your power needs, I have a serious briefing to help you choose the right generator.

When the power goes out, or you need portable power, a generator can save the day. But, as great as generators are, here’s my short briefing; don’t make the misstep of overloading your generator.

The only way to be certain the unit you are going to buy can actually handle the device or devices in question is to perform what’s called a generator sizing test. This is a rather simple survey that quickly helps you determine the size of generator you will need to safely meet your power demands. Unfortunately, we still see an alarming number people purchase generators without giving little if any thought to how much wattage they will require.

Suffice it to say, if you don’t perform the generator sizing test, there is a distinct possibility that you will damage your sensitive electronic equipment and/or harm the generator itself. Unless you can afford to throw away hard earned money, don’t take that chance. Know your generator’s limits and capabilities and know how much power your appliances and devices require.

Here’s another alert; most manufacturers will automatically void your warranty if they determine that you violated the instructions in owner’s manual. And believe me when I tell, that’s not that hard to prove.

How To Find Your Discount

The first step to finding a 4000 Watt Generator at a discount is to begin and end your search on the Internet. There’s simply no way you can physically make it to thirty or forty retailers or wholesalers in a day. I realize some people like to do things the old fashion way, but think about this… you’d be driving around burning expensive gas, fighting with traffic and vying for the attention of the store sales reps.

And letting your fingers doing the walking by using the phone is no better. These days, most of the time you’ll end up talking to an automated voice activation phone system. Calling around checking prices may leave you frustrated while you’re placed on hold or given incorrect or outdated sales information. By performing your search on the Word Wide Web, you can visit more stores in one hour than you could in fifteen hours of drive time.

First Things First

The first question you must ask yourself as you are searching online is this, “Is this a one of retailers who launched a website to accentuate their the brick and mortar presence?” If the answer is, “Yes!” You are most likely NOT going to receive any type of discount worth singing about.

These stores simply cannot afford to give deep discounts unless:

  1. Someone purchased the generator, used it and returned it to the store.
  2. That model or line of generators is being discontinued.
  3. It’s a floor model and they want to get rid of it to make room for the newest inventory.

Would You Buy Used Unit?

To be honest, you can find some amazing deals on used 4000 watt generators on websites like Craigslist, and other sites that cater to people hawking their personal gear. But those aren’t true discounts because you are buying used equipment.

Essentially, you’re paying for what you’re getting; which is a used 4000 watt generator. A true discount involves buying a new generator at a deeply discounted price. If you don’t have a problem with buying a used generator, then go for it!

Dare To Compare Sellers

They type of online sites you want to zero in on are consumer based websites that provide side-by-side comparison pricing many of stores simultaneously. This way you can instantaneously evaluate prices of ten to twenty websites without actually surfing to each individual website, one-by one.

When you find the deal you’re looking for, there is usually a buy now link to click on that promptly takes you directly to that website. By procuring a 4000 watt generator this way, you can save time and money have more time, freedom and funds to do the things you really enjoy.

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