As you may already know, the generator is an important and integral part of our daily lives.

If you stopped to think about it, you would realize that everywhere you look, a generator of some type is close by, (i.e., portable generator, gas generator, propane generator, oxygen generator, etc.)

We could go on and on… there are diesel generators that power everything from trains, and submarines to factories and schools.

When the situations demands, such as when severe weather strikes, emergency generators are there to provide essential power needs.

Wind generators not only provide electricity for farms, they power remote and other far out locations that would probably otherwise not have electricity.

In the hospitals, where a person’s life is on the line, oxygen generators provides them with a critically needed lifeline; the ability to breathe. And then of course, there are portable generators, designed to not only deliver power in isolated places, but at events and other special situations where a regular grid power is not available.

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