Aerosol Generators – Get The Info You Need

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Take note of these three key points regarding what aerosol generators.

  1. A aerosol generator is a device that produces aerosol suspensions, as for inhalation therapy.
  2. It is a device for producing airborne suspensions of small particles for inhalation therapy or experimental work; e.g., a La Mer generator, spinning disk, or vibrating reed, each of which produces a monodisperse aerosol.
  3. (mechanical engineering) A mechanical means of producing a system of dispersed phase and dispersing medium, that is, an aerosol.

Aerosol Generator by Tanaka Purefire

The Dyna-Fog Twister XL aerosol generator, powered by Tanaka-Purefire the very first and currently the only 2-cycle engine approved to meet the rigid California emissions standards for 2-cycle engines through the year 2000.

Aerosol Generator Model Twister XL

The Twister XL™ is an aerosol generator deigned to take the weight and stress off of the operator’s hand and wrist to ensure ease and comfort when working. Ideal for controlling mosquitoes and other flying insects the variable chemical output capability make the Twister XL™ suitable for all situations.

By using the optional 2 nozzle kit high outputs can be achieved in situations where a fast application is required (such as poultry houses).

The ability to direct the high output to only one nozzle results in droplets being produced which are suitable for leaving a residual deposit on surfaces such as vegetation and walls (barrier spraying for mosquitoes and flies).

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