Build Your Own Residential Wind Generator

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It used to be that the people, who embarked on installing a Wind Generator system for their home, did so primarily because they were environmentally conscious homeowners.

The next phase of people who started using and relying on wind power as their only source of electricity were farmers and ranchers.

But around fifteen to twenty years ago, something happened that seemed to forever change the landscape of how we felt about electrical utility companies; they started raising the prices at an alarming rate.

Even to the point of vigorously petitioning legislation for what they claimed were much needed price increases. While fighting for these, quote “much needed” price increases, they also posted phenomenal all time profits, and their executives were receiving and enjoying unbelievable bonuses quirks.

All at our expense!

That outraged a lot of people and prompted them to seek alternative energy solutions.

A Home Wind Generator system does just that!

It gives mainstream homeowners the ability to cut or altogether eliminate their monthly electrical bill.

The drawback for many? You guessed it, the costs. The average cost of a pre-built home Wind Generator system is around $6,200.00 dollars. And that’s just for the basics!

DIY Electricity Makes Big Waves!

The bottom line is this; more and more homeowners have decided to, “Go Green.” They are generating their own electricity. Don’t think that it cannot be done because countless Americans are doing it every day. The cost savings are astronomical when you stop to think about it. So why aren’t you? If you live in an area where wind generators can be installed, you really need to look into this major money saver. If you can save a $130.00 a month on an electricity bill that averages $175.00 per month, you have saved a bundle indeed!

Cut Electricity Bills

What started off as a way to combat the greenhouse effect and global warming and to engage homeowners in becoming environmentally conscious has morphed into simple mathematics and “Dollars and Sense!” As more and more American look for ways to cut their ever-increasing utility bills, the home wind generator system is quickly becoming the solution of choice.

Don’t They Realize Many Americans Are Strapped For Cash?

The National Grid is requesting a rate hike and they already have some if the highest electricity bills in the country. They are looking to add another 5.5% to everyone’s bill. WAIT a MINUTE! We are in tough economic times and people are already having a hard time paying bills and you want to SLAP US with another price increase??? Here’s where they get me in druthers; The National Grid has one of the worse maintenance programs in the country in addition to terrible customer service. Things are so bad with them, that they were once fined $8 million dollars, yet, they still haven’t corrected the deficiencies?

Americans Facing Tough Choices With Rate Increases

Instead of correcting their “in house” issues and troubles, which would save them and their customers a considerable amount of money, they opted to just raise the rates? Their actions are mind-boggling but they are becoming the norm! That’s just one company! Utility companies across the nation are raising power prices up in some case by twenty-nine percent! Mark Cooper of Consumer Federation of America, says, “Consumers now face a tough reality on electricity.” No kidding Mark! The mounting electric bills only serve to further squeeze households already struggling with spiraling gasoline prices. In summation, pure economics is the reason smart people are choosing the wind for power

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