Campbell Hausfeld Generators

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When it comes to Campbell Hausfeld Generators, most potential buyers just want the facts. Hence, the reason why they are always asking, “What Can You Tell Me About Campbell Hausfeld Generators?” Campbell Hausfeld was founded in 1836 and is headquartered in Harrison, Ohio. They employ more than 1,200 people in manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the U.S. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, contractor or a professional, they have a wide range of generators to meet your needs.

When you purchase Campbell Hausfeld powered equipment, you can count on products that are engineered to be both reliable and durable.

Campbell Hausfeld offers a generator/welder product line designed for the portable needs of a jobsite primarily for the contractor that needs both jobsite power and the ability to perform light to medium welding jobs.

“We want our customers to have the most portable metalworking shop… we’ve furthered our inverter technology capabilities to develop two commercial models that are easy to transport while providing amazing DC welding power for demanding jobs, allowing our customers to efficiently move from one project to the next without using a 1-ton truck.”

Jim Nutter, product manager for welders at Campbell Hausfeld

Campbell Hausfeld Generators Product Line

Campbell Hausfeld brings heavy-duty DC stick welding capacity and 120-volt, 60 Hz auxiliary power to any location with the DC/150 (GW4150) and DC/200 (GW4200), two engine-drive welder/generators that utilize inverter technology to reduce weight.

Unlike traditional welder/generators that feature large windings and often weigh five hundred pounds or more, inverters credit their lightweight and high-amperage welding power to a small alternator and circuit boards.

The new welder/generators include:

DC/150 (GW4150)—The 95-pound DC/150 provides serious welding power output from 40 to 150 DC amps to handle jobs that range from delicate to the extreme. The DC/150 uses a fuel-efficient 9 HP Robin Subaru engine for easy start-up, low emissions and super quiet operation.

DC/200 (GW4200)—The DC/200 is powered by an 11.5 HP Robin Subaru engine and provides welding power output from 35 to 200 DC amps to tackle a wide array of welding jobs. A heavy-duty carry frame allows for easy portability of the 135-pound unit.

Both the DC/150 and DC/200 feature a one-hundred percent duty cycle and an infinite output adjustment control that allows users to dial-in the exact DC amperage output for exact welding precision. They can accommodate projects that require the need to weld with 1/16” to 5/32” rods of various fluxes and feature external dinse connectors that allow for straight or reverse polarity welding to control penetration and allow for use of more exotic flux electrodes. Auxiliary power is DC pulse output, suitable to run power hand tools or incandescent lights to provide a complete metalworking shop in a small package.

Campbell Hausfeld offers a full line of tool and accessories for welding, pressure washers, generators, compressors, and air tools.

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