GenTran Transfer Switches For Generators

GenTran Transfer Switches

If you are concerned about power outages, intermittent or otherwise or if you live in an area that is susceptible to severe weather, (such as the Midwest, up north or the eastern starboard) GenTran can help you safely power your home or business with a generator. The best way to ensure reliable and continuous power […]

Automatic Transfer Switches For Generators

Automatic Transfer Switches

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch and why do I need one? It is a switch used to transfer an electric load back and forth between a primary source, such as a utility, and a secondary source, such as a generator. This switch is a critical component of any standby power system, back up power […]

Generator Accessories

If you are looking for information on Generators Accessories and the best places to purchase them, we can help you. There are numerous retailers that sell various accessories, however, we recommend starting your search with the original manufacturer. By using OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, you insure compatibility with your generator. On the other hand, […]