How Do Titan Generators Stack Up Against Honda Generators?

Titan Generators vs Honda Generators

This question was asked by John T. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. “I’m looking to purchase a portable generator in the next week and was doing some price comparisons online and came across the Titan Generator Line. How do these generators stack up against Honda Generator Line and would you recommend them? I’ll probably need around […]

Concerning Generators For Home Use Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Everyday homeowners purchase generators for home use without realizing that they are making one or more of these huge mistakes. They end up over paying, getting the wrong size generator, buying a cheap generator, getting a noisy generator or ending up with a generator that requires an enormous amount of maintenance. To avoid those costly […]

Critical Guidelines For Ordering a Portable Generator Online

Ordering a Portable Generator Online

If you’ve purchased a portable generator online, you know how incredible the savings can be. It is not uncommon to see discounts on new generators anywhere from twenty to forty percent. And not just lesser known brands but well know generator brands. However, there is one issue that buyers take for granted; that is their […]

How Generators Work Explained In Layman’s Terms

How Generators Work

Ever asked a question and after having received the answer you walked away scratching your head wondering what he or she just said? When most people ask questions about generators, they want straight easy to understand answers. In this session, I won’t waste your time explaining electromagnetic scientific theory. Neither will I delve into the […]

Look For These Features When Buying a Portable Generator

Buying a Portable Generator

In the market for a Portable Generator? If so, there are certain features you should look for. If you don’t have most of those features, we hate to tell you, but you didn’t buy a good portable generator. These features, many of which are absolutely necessary to make your powering solutions operate quietly, more fuel […]

Tips On Purchasing a Used Generator

Used Generators

There are a many great benefits to purchasing a pre-owned or low-hour used generator. Companies that are both large and small routinely purchase used generators because they are often the most economical way to buy high-quality industrial assets. However, there are a number of key factors to take into consideration when purchasing a used generator that […]

What Do You Think About Used Generators?

Used generators, also known as remanufactured generators or refurbished units, can be a money saving solution to your needs; if you buy right. There are a lot of variables you need to consider in order to purchase a generator that has had a previous owner. if you account for those variables, you will be a […]

For Peak Performance Maintain Your Standby Generator

Standby Generators

Standby generators can range anywhere from a few thousand and go into the thousands depending on the power output and manufacturer. After investing that kind of money, you’ll want to take the required steps you need to, in order to ensure that your unit runs at peak performance at all times. Failure to do so […]

Quiet Generator

Quiet Generators

You’ve arrived at the “Quiet Generator” page because you are most likely searching for a low noise generator. There’s a host of reasons why a person or company needs a quiet generator; here are some of the most common uses… boats, campgrounds, motor homes, musical events, night filming, on site movie productions, park events, […]