RV Generator Owners Do It Yourself Exhaust System Warning

RV Generator Exhaust System

What RVers must know About CMP. Whether you are an avid RVer or a novice, and you have a RV Generator, you probably have or are considering adding an RV Generator exhaust system to your RV. Of course, this gives you the capability to run your unit while you’re parked. However, unless you are a […]

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Warning For Portable Generator Users

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Warning Signs

Typically, no one talks about (CMP) carbon monoxide poisoning… that is until tragedy strikes and then it’s usually only for a very brief moment in time. Through the years, I’ve tracked countless such fatalities and find that many of them are due to improper use of generators. Invariably, every one of these tragic accidents and […]

RV Generators Can Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!

RV Generator Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

What sparked my interests in the RV Generator issue? Two things actually, the first one was close to home. A good friend of mine, unbeknownst to himself had a carbon monoxide leak slowly seeping into his RV. After installing his rigged up exhaust system, he ran his air conditioning and other appliances off of the portable […]

Generator Safety Advisory

Generator Safety Advisory

When it comes to using any type of generator, it is imperative that the first thing at the forefront of your thinking be, SAFETY! I cannot stress that enough. Every year, at FindGenerators.net, we collect a myriad of heartbreaking stories about individuals and families that perished due to miss use of a generator in some […]