For Peak Performance Maintain Your Standby Generator

Standby generators can range anywhere from a few thousand and go into the thousands depending on the power output and manufacturer.

After investing that kind of money, you’ll want to take the required steps you need to, in order to ensure that your unit runs at peak performance at all times.

Failure to do so could cause three potentially dangerous and expensive problems, namely:

Your Standby Generator Could Damage to Your Appliances

If you don’t properly maintain your standby generator, it could cause major damage to your appliances. If the power goes out and your improperly maintained standby generator activates, it may not be able to provide the necessary electricity to power your appliances. This in turn will cause the appliance to draw more power to make up for the shortfall.

In response to this, your generator will work much harder in an attempt to meet the power demand. The increased workload will place additional stresses on the generator and in many cases causing it to burn out… potentially damaging any appliance it is connected to.

You Automatically Void Your Standby Generator Warranty

Did you know that you automatically void your standby generator warranty when you fail to carry out the maintenance specified by the manufacturer? That’s right! Manufacturers of standby generators will not honor the warranty on a unit that has not been properly maintained.

Your Standby Generator Could Cause an Electrical Fire

Part of maintaining your standby generator is insuring that: (a) you are not overloading it with more appliances than it can handle, and (b) that the integrity of your wiring has not been compromised.

I remember one incident in which a homeowner was having a Christmas party during which, they experienced a power outage that lasted three and a half days. As part of the gift giving and receiving ceremonies, the homeowner received a large flat panel TV and a number of other appliances and plugged them all in and turned them on without ever going through the generator sizing check. Long story short, due to a lack of scheduled maintenance and generator under sizing, he nearly set his house on fire. In light of these three facts, it just makes sense to keep your standby generator properly maintained.

Here Are Our Standby Generator Tips To Get Top Performance

Standby Generator Tip #1

For safe operations always read and follow the manufacturers owner’s manual and operating instructions before installing and running your standby generator..

Standby Generator Tip #2

If you are not a qualified licensed electrician do not under any circumstances attempt to install a standby generator. The risk for damage and/or harm is too great.

Standby Generator Tip #3

Every manufacturer provides a maintenance schedule; learn yours and follow it for peak performance and safety

Standby Generator Tip #4

If you are connecting a standby generator into your home’s electrical system, have a qualified electrician install the Power Transfer Switch. Failure to properly install this switch cold cause and electrical fire/outage.

Standby Generator Tip #5

Pay close attention to any and all safety considerations, (i.e., avoid generator fumes, use a carbon monoxide detector, uncoil coiled extension cords, make sure system is properly grounded, etc.)

Standby Generator Tip #6

Get in the habit of inspecting your standby generator on a regular scheduled basis. You want to look for rust, leaks, loose bolts, and check your fuel filter among other things.

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