When It Comes To Back Up Power The Home Diesel Generator Is The Choice

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The Home Diesel Generator is becoming the generator of choice for many discriminating buyers and there are a good number of reasons why. It’s already known that diesel engines have a long life and low operating costs. You can expect your unit to easily operate over 40,000 Hours. Research reveals the average gasoline generator provides around 4500 hours and then it will start needing repairs. And that of course is the quality generators. Cheap generators and low quality generators are probably around the 1500 hundred to 2500 hour ranges. As you can see, there is a major difference in how much service you will get out of a diesel generator versus a gas generator.

Low Maintenance

Not only does the home diesel generator provide you with longevity, it also means that you will require less maintenance. This distinction makes it the hands down choice in the minds and eyes of a lot of homeowners.

Simply put, these units are built to handle the rigors of daily operation that would cause numerous gasoline generators to shut down. Think about this, when we ship heavy loads across the state and across the nation, what do we use? Diesel trucks! Why? Because they are like the old Timex commercials, “They can take a licking and still keep on ticking.”

Get Lower Operating Costs

The next and probably most important facet of the home diesel generator is the fact that is has a lower overall operating cost if you compare it to a gas powered generator of the same wattage and class. That means you’ll be saving money where it counts, over the long run.

Don’t get me wrong; there is a variety of back up generators and they are powered by various means; gasoline, natural gas, propane and even the wind and each generator has its place. What I am saying is this; pound for pound, comparing apples to apples for the purposes of providing emergency back up power for your home, the home diesel generator rises to the top of the list as the generator of choice

They Run Quietly

Let me put it in perspective; if you live in a part of the country where your generator is going to see considerable usage, such as up North, on the East Coast or in areas where inclement weather reigns, you want the assurance that your back up power is going to be instant on. This is what diesel generators provide; they come on when the power goes and they run quietly seemingly forever.

If you opt for a professional home generator installation with the sound proof enclosure, your home diesel generator will look like an air conditioning unit and be just as quiet.

How To Get Started With a Home Diesel Generator

The home diesel generator brands you want to look are: Generac Generators, Kipor Generators and Onan Generators. There are others, but these three make the top of the list because of their long standing reputation of delivering high quality products.

There are two ways to approach this purchase. The first way is to have a professional home survey to determine your power and installations needs. This service usually runs less than a hundred dollars and provides you with a detailed breakdown of your home diesel generator power demands and install requirements.

The second way to approach this is perform the survey yourself. This assumes of course that you understand generator sizing and can handle computing for an automatic transfer switch. With that information in hand, you can move to find the best suitable generator for your home. Just remember, whichever approach you take do your homework. Research the generator brands. Take into consideration your location, weather issues and any other special needs.

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