Honda Generator Model EU6500iSA

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This Honda Portable Generator doesn’t realize that it is a portable unit! This is the first full super quiet inverter generator with 220V output from Honda. It provides 6500 watts of super clean pure sine wave power with a noise level so low that your neighbors, fellow campers and family won’t even notice it. I recently had a customer come back from a two-week vacation only to find their house flooded through some type of a freak water valve malfunction. They had to rent a generator to power the house for one week until the plumbers and electricians could complete the repairs.

In this subdivision, scenarios such as this have to be approved by the (HOA) Homeowner’s Owners Association and they are a stickler for noise and pollution. They came by to check on this customer’s Honda EU6500isA and they were impressed. It was running at full load around 9:30pm and they walked around the neighborhood and simply didn’t hear it.

That unit ran for almost two weeks, non-stop except to refuel and not one neighbor complained and the family didn’t lose a night’s sleep over noise. We highly recommend this unit for home back up users, emergency power needs, power outages, outdoor events, job sites, 5th wheel campers and the most demanding RVs. Here are four important benefits about the Honda EU6500isA that will impress you…

  • Super Quiet Operation,
  • 100% Clean Power Output
  • Fuel Efficient!

If you know anything about generators, then you know that there are many cheap generator brands on the market that will actually damage your sensitive equipment, such as: laptops, routers, modems, VOIP equipment, data hubs, printers, fax machines, etc. The Honda Inverter Technology makes this generator ideally suited for use with your sensitive electronics. Yes folks, this is just another reason why the Honda Generator Line is so awesome!

Other Suggested Uses For The Honda EU6500isA

  • Dual RV Air Conditioner Units
  • Full Size Freezer / Refrigerator
  • Resistive Load Kitchen Appliances (i.e. Electric Range – 8in element)
  • Large Power Tools (i.e. table saw, 1HP Air Compressor)

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