Honda Generators

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One of the greatest questions asked regarding Honda Generators is, “Are Honda Generators as good as their cars?” The answer is actually a plain and simple, “YES!” Of course, that reliability and built tough standard comes with a price. You need to know that Honda Generators are up there in terms of being one of the most expensive brands. But, they are every bit worth the price. When we tailgate, it is always with a Honda Generator because they are quiet, fuel efficient and eco-friendly. What more can you ask for in a generator?

The Honda Portable Generator Line

The Honda Generator team of designers and engineers has produced some impressive power backup equipment.

Their line of generators has propelled them as the unquestionable market leader in emergency power. If you are seeking a portable generator for any reason, the Honda Portable Generator line is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Here’s What Users Are Saying…

Honda is a strong, dependable name globally and their generators are top notch in terms of durability, power and ease of use.
J. Denard, Oklahoma, Oklahoma

While all Honda Generators are portable by definition, many models include standard wheel kits for easy movement of the generator from storage to the work site… this feature sold me! When we’re in the field, nothing is worse than trying to tote an awkward
A. Broussard, Wheeler Construction

Honda generator authorized dealers are literally available everywhere, even in our small town. Which means if you need service or parts, there’s no need to wait. Simply visit your local Honda authorized generator dealer and get what you need.
D. Johnson, Murfreesboro, Tennesse

Honda generators are more popular than other generator manufacturing brands for various reasons; dependability, low noise, fuel efficiency and portability. You simply can’t go wrong with a Honda Generator.
B. Canton, Portland, Oregon


Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Generators:

I’m a Writer and Need a Quiet Generator For My Motor Home Road Trips, Which Brand Do You Recommend?

At, our business is testing and reviewing generators of all types. For recreational usage, you have a lot of options but at the top of the list, we recommend the Honda Portable Generator.

It’s lightweight, quiet, portable and simple to use. You have a number of models to choose from that can deliver anywhere from 700 watts of power or more. And talk about quiet; you’ll be able to write to your hearts content.

What is Your Opinion of the Honda Generator ECM 2800?

The Honda Generator ECM 2800 combines the robust and reliable design of the EC range of Honda generators with a larger fuel tank to provide you with 2500 watts for up to 10 hours.

It works like a champ, is relatively quiet and with it’s 5 gallon gas tank runs for over 12 hours with a load on it. Hands down, this is a great choice.

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