How Do Titan Generators Stack Up Against Honda Generators?

This question was asked by John T. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. “I’m looking to purchase a portable generator in the next week and was doing some price comparisons online and came across the Titan Generator Line. How do these generators stack up against Honda Generator Line and would you recommend them? I’ll probably need around 5000-8000 watts.” First of all John, very few generators can match the quality, dependability and track record of Honda Generators. Having said that, Titan Generators are not even in the same league!

Circuit Breaker Issue

In terms of the Titan Generators for your purposes, you should be aware of the circuit breaker issue. In one Titan Generator model with the wattage rating that you are looking for, although it has a 240 VAC output, only one leg has a breaker? That means the other 120 VAC line has absolutely no protection. If you are operating a 240 VAC device you won’t have any problems. However if you mistakenly plug a device into the line with no breaker protection you could damage that device.

Based on this engineering flaw, we wouldn’t recommend the Titan Generator. It’s just too great a risk to take. We would recommend one of the other proven brands such as a Honda Generator, which is one of our top choices when it comes to portable generators.

Another reason we are hesitant about recommending Titan Generators is because they are one of the many Chinese built generators that have not proven themselves to demanding contractors or astute homeowners. To do so, they must pass the rigorous contractor generator test, which means they’ll have to perform at maximum load on a continuous basis without sputtering or shutting down, they must be fuel efficient and quiet and not present a long list of maintenance/repair issues over the short period of time.

When Titan Generators can stand the test of time by meeting those standards, we’ll be more than happy to rate them with Honda Generators. Until then, we can only answer you by saying, “They don’t measure up to Honda Generators.”

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