Husqvarna Generators

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What is Husqvarna?

Husqvarna, which is a Swedish company, was founded in 1689. At that time, they produced what were probably known the finest muskets of the day.

It was then that they laid the foundation for the engineering expertise that has since helped them develop some of the world’s best products in areas such as: portable generators, kitchen appliances, sewing machines, motorcycles, hunting weapons, bicycles and other outdoor products.

Does Husqvarna Generators Produce  Other Products?

Their wide product range is among the most extensive in the world. In addition to wheeled and handheld products, they also include accessories, tools, protective equipment and lubricants. What distinguishes their products, apart from the competition is high performance, operational reliability, innovative technology, advanced ergonomic solutions and environmentally friendly engines.

When it comes to portable generators, Husqvarna provides a family of power supply to meet your household power, camping and construction needs. Take control of your power needs on the jobsite, at home or while you travel. The Husqvarna Generator line:

Husqvarna Generator Model 1055GN

Powered by a 5500W Briggs and Stratton Engine. Standard equipment includes:- 4-120V outlets- 1 twist lock 120/240V outlet- Wheel kit- Engine oil- Lighted panel

Rated power (running)   5500W
Surge power (starting  6875W
Run time @ ½ load   13 hours

Husqvarna Generators rating: a high buy

Husqvarna Generator Model 420GN

Powered by a 2000W Mitsubishi Engine Standard equipment includes:- 2-120V outlets- 2-12V DC outlets- Wheel kit- Engine oil

Rated power (running)   2000W
Surge power (starting  3000W
Run time @ ½ load   4.9 hours

Husqvarna Generators rating: a great buy

Husqvarna Generator Model 1365GN

Powered by a 6500W Honda GX OHV Engine Standard Equipment Includes – Battery Charging Cable- 4-120V outlets- 1 twist lock 120V/240V outlet- Locking-Type Plug- Wheel Kit- Engine Oil Commercial duty generator for professional power, anywhere, anytime,

Rated power (running)   6500W
Surge power (starting  8125W
Run time @ ½ load   11 hours

Features of Husqvarna Generators Model 1365GN

  • Honda GX OHV Engine – designed for increased performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Hour meter, battery charging, GFCI outlets and automatic idle control.
  • Pneumatic wheels and fold-down handles.
  • Efficient, and cool running, with reduced emissions.
  • Provides secure connection while delivering maximum power. Ideal for use with most transfer switches.
  • Allows you to start up several motor-driven items at the same time.
  • Up to 11 hours on one tank of gas.
  • Fuel gauge helps to keep track of fuel levels.
  • Instant lubrication to vital engine parts ensures long engine life.

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