Kawasaki Generators

Whenever there is a need for remote power, backup power or emergency power, you can rest assured that choosing a Kawasaki generator will be a decision you will never regret. They have an unmatched reputation for delivering reliable power at construction sites and for countless agricultural and recreational uses, as well as providing backup assistance during power outages.

The Kawasaki Generator currently offers six remarkably rugged generator models.

They are self-excited, double-pole, single-phase generators, featuring Kawasaki engines, the undisputed leader for reliability and durability.

What Does Kawasaki Generators Have For Motor Homes?

The Kawasaki Generatorline offers two small, portable generators that are ideal for small job sites, motor homes, and cabins. The GE2900A and GE2200A feature advanced, 4-cycle OHV gasoline engines with 171 cc displacement. The GE2200A has an AC output rating of 1900 watts of continuous power and 2200 watts maximum power, and weighs just 95 lbs. The GE2900A delivers 2400 watts of continuous power and 2900 watts of maximum power, and weighs 108 lbs. It also includes 2-volt DC terminals as standard equipment for charging batteries. Both of these reliable and portable generators feature easy-pull recoil starters and a 4 gallon fuel tank for continuous operation for up to 11 hours.

I’m a building contractor and I need big power for big jobs. When I tried one of the other brand of generators, I found my crews complaining about low power output, noise and unreliability. Since switching to Kawasaki Generators, my men have stopped fuming about low power output and outages. Thanks Kawasaki!
Bruce T., Gemstone Builders

Is There a Kawasaki Generator Suitable For Home Standby Power?

The GE5000AS and GE4300A Kawasaki generators are ideal for home standby power, as well as for contractors, builders, utility linemen and anyone who needs heavy duty power for big jobs. The GE4300A delivers 3800 watts of continuous power (4300 watts maximum), features recoil start and an automatic voltage regulator, and weighs 156 lbs. The GE5000AS is rated at 4400 watts of continuous power (5000 watts maximum), features electric start with recoil backup, automatic engine idle control and a dry weight of 164 lbs.

Both of these rugged Kawasaki generators feature a reliable 286 cc OHV 4-cycle gasoline engine. This is no ordinary engine. It’s a reliable, full-featured Kawasaki engine, built with automatic compression release for easy starting, a two-stage air filter and pressurized lubrication system for long-lasting durability, and a protective low-oil shut-off system.

Is There a Kawasaki Generator For Heavy Duty Usage?

Absolutely! Rounding out the Kawasaki generator lineup are the Powerpartner 4000 and Powerpartner 6000. These models are perfect for heavy-duty usage; including emergency backup power to remote construction sites and recreation. Both Powerpartner generators feature reliable Kawasaki 4-cycle OHV engines – a 286 cc in the PP4000 and a 351 cc in the PP6000 – rubber mounted in a rugged steel frame.

Like all Kawasaki generators, the Powerpartner models are loaded with features, including circuit breaker protection, easy-pull recoil start, two-stage air filtration and a large, 5 gal. fuel tank for extended run times. The PP6000 also has pressurized oil lubrication for extra durability.

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