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The Kipor Generator line has a distinction no other generator line can claim, they successfully power the world’s highest mobile phone tower on, of al places, Mount Everest.

On October 25th, 2007, China Mobile, utilizing porters and yaks transported equipment and material to the station, a grueling process that took about 20 days.

On November 8th, five engineers, with the help of three skilled mountaineers, arrived at the site and began installing the Kipor Generator equipment.

The installation of the Kipor Generator sets was completed on November 12th. At 13:00, November 13th, the world’s highest mobile phone base station began operations at an altitude of 6500 meters.

The station will provide power to mountaineers on the world’s highest peak as well as a torch relay for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. We send congratulations to the Kipor team, a job well done. You have to produce a rugged generator to get that type of gig.

The Kipor Generator line includes these three brands: Kipor Generators, Sinemaster Generators and Camping-Mate Generators. The Kipor Generator line possesses an excellent research & development system and enjoys the worldwide reputation for excellence.

What Users of Kipor Generators Have To Say

I purchased the Kipor Sinemaster Model KGE3000Ti and am extremely pleased with our Kipor Generator. It is a very well designed and performs as is states. I bought this generator to replace a different brand that was very noisy. I needed an emergency portable generator and the unit I had was so loud I was reluctant to use it. My neighbors let me have it when I would power it up. The Kipor was our solution. It is quiet and provides enough power to run my refrigerator with several lights or the microwave with several lights. The Kipor is also very easy to start.
C. Burkett, Tucson, Arizona

I’m quite satisfied with my Kipor generator. It is quiet, lightweight and starts easily. I’ve used a laptop, microwave, television and lights at the same time with absolutely no issues. This was my first generator and the one mistake I made in this purchase was I didn’t perform generator sizing. I would not recommend making that costly mistake. In one incident when our power went out, I foolishly attempted to run a 5200 BTU, air conditioner along with out other devices. Needless to say it didn’t work.

After researching websites like, I realized that I had under purchased. I added a hard start kit to achieve the starting amps and now I ca run my AC in the event of a power outage and now my wife is happy. The moral of the story is, read the generator sizing article and properly determine your power needs before purchasing any generator.
G. Daniels, Dallas, Texas






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