Makita Generators

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Makita began building its reputation for quality over 85 years ago, when the company started manufacturing electric motors. With Makita Generators, you are sure to get the power you need right away.

Q. I’m a Custom Homebuilder and My Crews Need Power 8 Hours a Day, Would You Recommend Makita Generators?
A. At, we have tested and reviewed countless generators; putting them under some of the most harshest conditions, (i.e., construction sites, recreational sites, etc.) and the Makita Generators have been as good or better than the more well known brand names.

In the field where it counts most, contractors especially like the auto idle feature along with the fact that even at open throttle Makita Generators are very quiet. That’s extremely important when running long hours on a day to day basis.

How Would You Compare  Makita Generators to Honda Generators?

Makita Generators are really excellent generators, especially considering the reasonable prices. In summation, you’ll get essentially the comparable service with both generators, the only difference; the Honda will cost more.

Makita Generator Model G2800L Features

  • Powerful 6.0 HP, 169cc, Overhead Cam (OHC) EX Series engine
  • EX Series engines are chain-driven for superior performance
  • OHC engines have less moving parts and reduced noise
  • Easy starting with an automatic compression release system with 40% less pulling force in sub-zero weather
  • 2,800 Watt maximum output
  • 9.7 hours runtime from 3.7 gallon durable metal fuel tank
  • Pent-roof combustion chamber emits less exhaust emissions for more power
  • Commercial-duty electrical components with common NEMA receptacles
  • Vibration reducing engine and frame mounts
  • Reduced sound output of 68 dB
  • Recoil starter system with electronic ignition for easy starting and reliable, consistent service
  • Durable metal tank holds 3.7 gallons of fuel for longer run time
  • DC output with circuit breakers for consistent electrical flow with overload protection
  • Impact resistant design and full cage metal frame protects the commercial duty electrical controls and engine
  • Innovative cooling design with large cooling fins engineered into the crankcase, cylinder and mounting base
  • Fully lubricated system as timing chain carries oil to camshaft, rocker arms and valve train for extended life
  • Protected with built-in oil sensor that shuts off the ignition if the oil level drops too low
  • Cast iron cylinder increases durability and extends engine performance
  • Large, heavy duty air and fuel filters with high capacity to reduce service intervals

Makita Generator Specifications

Max. Output Current —- 2,800W/23.3 A
Rated Output Current — 2,400W/20.0 A
Volts AC (60Hz) ——– 120
Volts DC (AMPS) ——– 12 (8.3)

Engine Type ——————————— OHC, EX series
Maximum H.P./RPM —————————- 6.0/3,600
Displacement (cc.) ————————– 169
Fuel Tank Capacity (ga.) ——————– 3.7
Continuous Operation (hrs.) —————– 9.7
Noise level (dB) @ rated output, 7M, 60Hz — 68

Receptacles ——— A (5-20R)
Size (LxWxH) ——– 21-1/4In x 17In x 18-3/4In
Dry Weight (lbs.) — 95

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