Marine Generator Sets Help You Enjoy Your Boating Excursions

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Many boats and vessels require marine electrical power from a source other than the boat’s battery. Boats need power for such devices as: Onboard GPS Units, on-board computer systems, on-board communications, Fish locating radars, Water pumps, Radios, Refrigerators, Heaters, HVAC systems, Air conditioning units, lighting equipment, appliances, scuba tank filling equipment, on-board kitchens as well as many other appliances.

The solution to powering these devices is a marine generator. These units have many similarities to other types of generators. They are designed to run on fuel types such as: gasoline, diesel and propane. Depending on the wattage rating, they can run a few appliances, all the way to an entire cruise ship.

What’s The Difference?

The main difference between a marine generator and other types of generators is the design of both the inner and outer components. Other generators are not designed to be used near water or in moist or salt-water environments. On the other hand, marine generators are designed to be used in such harsh elements such as salt water.

What Brands Are Available?

There are numerous brands and manufacturers. You can start your search by looking at: Mak Marine Generator, Nextgen Marine Generator, Northern Lights, Onan, John Deere, Lugger Diesel and Caterpillar. There are many other options. You can go with a marine generator small. Or, for reliable power when you are dealing with a very large vessel, you can go with one of the marine diesel generators that can handle virtually any load you can think of. These generator sets provide power for boats, to large vessels to submarines.

Is It Safe To Purchase From eBay Or From Other Online Merchants?

It depends on the seller! Some sellers are terrible and will cheat whoever buys from them. That said; if you are shopping for a marine gas generator, make sure that your search result only includes units made for boating and the marine life. So many times, boat owners seek out generators that are not made specifically for marine applications. Such a bad mistake can cost you a lot of money and some major headaches when you least expect them.

If you are going to purchase your unit online, I wouldn’t too much worry if the seller offers wallet shopping or not. Simply because of the size of these units. You are going to end up using a special freight shipper and most of these companies use regular merchant accounts and purchase orders to conduct business. On the other hand, if you have a small marine boat and looking at a small unit, then you may be better served picking the unit up locally.

Safety And Living on a Ship

Like other generators, a marine generator requires safety measures. Marine generators produce pollution, which includes carbon monoxide. Although most marine generators do a great job at minimizing the amount harmful emissions, it is possible for deadly levels of CO Carbon monoxide to build up when the boat is stationary, if it is not properly ventilated.

Even when the boat is moving, CO can build up in the cabin or other areas and lead to poisoning. To eliminate this issue, CO alarms should be installed and properly serviced. Never operate a marine generator without safety measures in place.

Diesel Generators For Your Boat

The absolute best option would be any of the quiet diesel series. Generators built with diesel engines last much longer than their counterparts. You want to seek out authorized distributors of the manufacturers if you want the best deals possible. As far as going to places such as Home Depot, Lowes and other such hardware stores, you are not likely to find a marine generator in those places.

Here The Most Well Known Marine Generator Brands 

  • Onan Marine Generators
  • KiloPak Marine Generators
  • Kohler Marine Generators
  • Westerbeke Marine Generators
  • Fischer Panda Marine Generators
  • Mase Marine Generators
  • NorPro Marine Generators
  • Northern Lights Marine Generators

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