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There are not a lot of generators that have a history and a track record of being built to handle the rigors of daily use. When a brand or a line proves to be built tough, we like to acknowledge that fact. Bear in mind that our perspective comes from onsite testing and your results could be different. That said, we really suggest you take a good look at McCulloch Generators.

A Little History

The McCulloch Generator line is built to withstand the daily rigors of demanding job sites, while still being an easy to operate, quiet running portable generator brand. Investing in the future while also staying true to its proud heritage, McCulloch Generator is committed to providing innovative, quality products that offer a discernible value to you the consumer. Let McCulloch Generators provide you with the very best in portable generator design and engineering at a great price.

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 McCulloch Generators Saves The Day

In the winter of 2006 we got slammed by the huge snowstorm that literally swept across the north; our area was without power for an alarming and scary six days. That means we had: no lights, no appliances and no heat and no ability to get any! From the time the storm hit, portable generators disappeared so fast it made your head spin. Let that be a warning; get your portable generator or a home standby generator as if they were made with gold.

After the storm let up and we got our powered restored, I researched portable generators and settled on the McCulloch Generator Model #FDD210mo 1800w. I was going to make sure to avoid a repeat of that wintery nightmare. We had to check into a hotel almost 75 miles from our home, both my wife and I missed work. When we returned home, of course all of the food in our refrigerator and freezer was spoiled. To make matters worse, our 110-gallon tropical fish tank, (which we had worked over five years, to turn into a show tank) was completely ruined. All of our fish, coral and plants were dead.

The McCulloch Generator provided enough power fro me to run my furnace, refrigerator, a light and our fish tank in case of an outage. With the inverter’s “clean sine wave” I can also run my cable modem and laptop during an outage without fear of damage. I highly recommend McCulloch Generators.

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