Mitsubishi Generators

For some reason Mitsubishi Generators have not really grabbed a major market share in the United States of America. As far as their market share outside of the Us, we’re still looking into that metric. That said, we’ve done limited testing on these units up to this point but expect to do more in 2012. We’ll update you as soon as we do. In the mean time, here is what we have so far.

How Are Mitsubishi Generators Designed?

Mitsubishi Generators are engineered to run twenty-four seven with optimal performance. Superior materials are used every step of the way to ensure maximum performance.

They come equipped with a wide range of standard features such as the vaunted Mitsubishi OHV engine, automatic idle control, full frame, automatic voltage regulator, low oil sensor and a large fuel tank.

The Mitsubishi Generator line is fuel-efficient and has one of the lowest noise levels in the industry. All in all, they offer a complete line of the highest quality generators at affordable prices. Other features you can find on Mitsubishi Generators:

  • Low Oil Alert; Protects you from locking your engine due to low oil
  • Easy-to-access outlets, hour meter, and circuit breakers
  • Brushless Design Alternator; Extends the life of your generator
  • Condenser Load Compensation Voltage Regulation; Maintenance free regulation with minimal fluctuation
  • Very Quiet (70 decibels @ 7 meters); Power your stuff without disturbing the neighbors
  • Electric Start; Starts with a press of a button (Recoil Backup)

What Type of Warranty Comes With Mitsubishi Generators?

Mitsubishi Generators are backed by a limited two-year commercial, rental and consumer warranty.

Does Mitsubishi Generators Carry Portable Generators?

Mitsubishi’s line of portable gas generators delivers reliable power and performance when and where you need it. You won’t go wrong purchasing any Mitsubishi Generator.

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