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Natural Gas Generators are similar in advantages and disadvantages as the propane gas generator. If you live in an area that has natural gas, you would have to agree that natural gas is probably the most reliable and dependable fuel on earth. When was the last time you heard about a natural gas outage? Virtually, the only way to experience an outage is that if there was a catastrophe such as major earthquake or hurricane. Or, literally an accident of epic proportions. We’re talking a bus or a truck or something like that, uprooting trees or totaling pummeling buildings that end up severing natural gas supply lines.

Barring those events, natural gas generators make great choices because their fuel is almost always available with these noted exceptions. Some locations don’t have natural gas infrastructures in place. In other words, they don’t have a local gas company to pipe natural gas to residences, businesses and industrial plants. For these locations, you have no choice but to use an alternative fuel source. Or, you could turn into a mover and shaker and initiate the process for getting natural gas to your community. Of course, you should be advised the process is akin to running for governor. You will have to pull your community together and convince the gas company that running a pipeline to your locality will be a profitable proposition. A tall task indeed, but enough of that political talk, let’s get back to natural gas generators

What We Like About Makita Units

The team at Makita came up with a feature that is definitely more than worth mentioning. As matter of fact, it is downright ingenious. They provide a do-it-yourself change over kit that gives you the capability to run your Makita gas generator on natural gas, propane fuel or on regular gas. What does that mean? It means that in the event of an outage or natural catastrophe, you have your choice of whichever fuel is available. This do-it-yourself change over kit allows you to switch from one fuel source to the other without the need to hire a technician or expert.

Disadvantages of Using Natural Gas Generators

  • Higher installation costs due to plumbing costs
  • Fuel is somewhat expensive
  • May not be available during natural disasters such as in an earthquake or hurricanes
  • Propane generators have a shorter life span than diesel generators
  • If lines are broken, natural gas can become extremely dangerous
  • Natural gas may not be available in some areas
  • At around 20 degrees above zero, natural gas begins to derate
  • Initial cost of natural gas generator is higher than gas

Advantages of Using Natural Gas Generators

  • Refueling is not necessary due to unlimited fuel source
  • Natural gas does not gum up
  • Available during power outage
  • Natural gas burns clean
  • Natural gas generators don’t experience wet stacking like diesel generators
  • Lower engine noise level than other generators
  • Connects to your natural gas pipeline
  • Starts in cold weather
  • Natural gas can be obtained during power outages
  • Clean burning fuel gives you longer engine life






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