Portable Generator Information You Need To Know

As it stands, very few people actually plan for a power outage, and when it happens, unfortunately, most people are totally unprepared.

I don’t know about you, but when we were kids, my dad used to have fire drills in our house. He also used to show us what to do in case the power went out or of we were hit with a tornado or some other natural catastrophe.

He’d tell us all the time, “Preparation beats luck everytime!” As you know, outages can leave a home without power for lighting, heat, cooking, medical equipment, refrigeration, computers, aquariums and even pumping water.

The deadly winter storm in 2007 is a classic case in point. In certain areas, people were left without electricity for days… unless they were smart or fortunate enough to have a portable generator.

Portable generators are designed to provide quick, easy to use, safe and reliable portable power and emergency back up power for when you need it most.

What is a Portable Generator and Who Makes Them?

They are devices that provide:

  • emergency electrical power
  • back up power
  • stand-by power
  • temporary power
  • portable electrical power

They are generally powered by: gasoline, diesel fuel, propane and/or natural gas. Most commonly, residents and businesses left without power after inclement or severe weather resort to using portable generators to keep vital appliances and devices operating. Portable generators come in various power outputs. Some generators have enough capacity to power entire residences, (i.e., refrigerator, lights, televisions, computers and heaters) for extended periods of time before refueling.

In addition, numerous construction sites use portable generators to power tools, light work sites and provide electricity to remote locations. You can even find portable generators are sporting events, providing electricity for scoreboards, timers night lights.

It is important to note that portable generators are designed to be temporary electrical generators. Meaning they are not designed to provide permanent power.

Who Makes Portable Generators? Companies such as: Makita Generator, Honda Generator, Kawasaki Generator, Yamaha Generator, Briggs and Stratton Generator, Tsurumi Generator, Husqvarna Generator, and Generac Generator. There are others, but these are some of the best.


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