Porter Cable Generators

The Porter Cable Generator line is geared entirely towards portable generators designed for demanding contractors and discerning homeowners. Their units are designed to provide electrical power to job sites primarily for contractors and for emergency power for homes. Porter Cable Generators are all gasoline powered and range in rated operating output from 3.25 kW to 10 kW. They currently have 13 models of portable generators to choose from in various configurations, sizes, and power output ratings.

What Can You Tell Me About Porter Cable Generator Line and The Company?

Porter Cable was founded in 1906 and has gone one to become one of the most trusted names in power tools. The company not only designs, manufactures and distributes portable generators, they also do the same for electric and cordless power tools, pneumatic tools and compressors, pressure washers, and related accessories for the professional woodworking, commercial/residential construction, plumbing, and electrical construction markets. As you can see, the team at Porter Cable has their hands full, making engineering and technological advances that reshape the world.

Are Porter Cable Generators Manufactured In China?

No they aren’t, Porter Cable manufactures a vast majority of their products at their Jackson, Tennessee headquarters. In addition, because of a number of acquisitions, the company now operates a second manufacturing facility in Steinheim, Germany, where its products are produced and sold throughout Europe under the FLEX brand name.

Who Actually Owns The Portable Cable Generators?

In 1960, Porter-Cable was sold to Rockwell International and changed the name the “Porter Cable” to Rockwell. Realizing that many contractors and customers respected the Porter Cable quality and name, Rockwell decided to keep the Porter Cable name alive through dual branding. In 1981 Pentair, Inc. acquired the Porter-Cable product line and brought back the original brand name of “Porter Cable.” After a number of other consolidations and mergers, Portable Cable was purchased by the world renowned Black & Decker Company in October 2004. Through the changes, the Porter Cable has remained true to it core vision; which is producing quality, durable products.


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