PTO Generator Information You Need To Know

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PTO stands for Power Take Off. Depending on who you ask, the names of this type of generator go by at least two different variations, PTO and the Tractor Power Take-Off Generator. It’s called the Tractor Power Take Off Generator because in most cases it’s connected to a tractor. The agricultural community, farmers, ranchers and people in rural areas that have no electrical utilities primarily use the PTO generator to provide power.

These nifty generators appeared on the scene years ago as a solution to the problem American farmers were having with frequent power outages. It is a great invention because it allows farmers to keep production going in spite of not having any electrical service from a utility company.

How Do PTO Generators Work?

I realize that generators can be rather complex, but I’m answering this question in layman’s terms so that a broad range of men and women can quickly grasp the concept. A generator is essentially made up of two parts, an engine and an alternator. The engine provides the power to the alternator, which it turns converts that power into electricity. When we speak of a PTO Generator, the same principle applies except there are usually three parts;

(1). A tractor
(2). A special drive shaft
(3). A PTO Generator.

The drive shaft couples the PTO Generator to the tractor engine. The tractor through that special drive shaft then powers the generator. That means, a farmer can get electricity anywhere they can get a tractor. There are three reasons why this invention is so special.

First, it saves money. If it didn’t exist, farmers would be forced to buy and maintain an expensive gasoline or diesel generator.

Secondly, PTO Generators are completely mobile. You can connect one to a tractor in just a few minutes and have electricity in some of the most remote places.

Thirdly, and this goes back to the money saving issue of these units. All PTO generators are designed, engineered and built for the outdoors. Since they have no engine, they require no maintenance. That’s why they outlast virtually every standard gasoline, diesel or propane powered generator on the market.

Can I Power My House With This Type of Generator?

Yes you can, provided that you use a manual transfer switch that allows you to safely transfer the source of the power from the electrical company to your generator. Without a transfer switch you will most likely back feed power to the electric company and this can cause a chain of event that could turn deadly. Always consult a electrician concerning this matters.

Is PTO Generator a Brand?

No, a PTO Generator is a type of generator made by a number of manufacturers.

Who Makes PTO Generators?

PTO Generators are made by, Onan Generators, Winco PTO Generators, GeneratorJoe PTO Group, Friesen Electric PTO Generators, TigerPower PTO generators, NorthStar PTO Generator, Dayton PTO Generators and a few others, including some manufacturers from China.

Which PTO Generator Brand Is Best?

Although, I’ve seen a few units in operation, honestly, our team has yet to put any generators to the test. Once we do, we’ll be posting our reviews online. In the meantime, what I’m hearing from people who use these generators on a daily basis is that Winco, Onan and NorthStar are the ones most widely used.

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