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You’ve arrived at the Findgenerators.net “Quiet Generator” page because you are most likely searching for a low noise generator.

There’s a host of reasons why a person or company needs a quiet generator; here are some of the most common uses… boats, campgrounds, motor homes, musical events, night filming, on site movie productions, park events, portable PA systems , powering booths at festivals, shows, residential areas, RVs, sporting events, yachts and more.

There are plenty of other uses that we don’t have the space mention here. Whatever your needs, if you’re looking for a quiet generator, you’ll want to get a unit that operates under 65 (DB) decibels while powering an average load.

This will keep all of your electrical devices functioning properly while your noise level is not noticeable. One of the worse positions you could be in is to be the person responsible for the noisy generator that is literally driving people crazy with that annoying hum.

How Silent?

For most applications, your decibels should be under 60dB. The exceptions would be scenarios such as movie production sites, booths at high-end type home shows and such. Amazingly, in our cost conscience society, some people don’t believe that spending the extra money on a quiet generator is really worth it, but nothing is farther from the truth. To be quite frank, nowadays with the fierce competition, if you do your homework, you can find a quiet generator close to the standard generator pricing.

Due to the growing demand for ultra quiet generator units that make little or (relatively) no noise, we are going to provide our top three picks for a quiet generator.

  1. Honda Generator
  2. Yamaha Generator
  3. Kipor Generator

That’s right folks, Honda, Yamaha, and Kipor all make super quiet generators that are portable and yet powerful. With either of these three manufacturers you won’t go wrong.

We place Honda at the top of the list simply because it’s hard to beat a Honda Generator. The sound level spec from Honda is around 59dB at 20 feet. Furthermore, the Honda EU Series models are the first ever in their output class to incorporate a microprocessor-controlled sine wave inverter mechanism for electricity with low wave distortion and quality equal or superior to that available commercially.

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