4 Important Reasons To Buy a Propane Generator

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If you needed a reason or reasons to purchase a Propane fueled generator, particularly, a Residential Propane Generator Standby System that kicks in automatically when there is a power outage, here are 4 reasons to help you make the best decision.

1. They Stand Guard 24 Hours a Day

Once installed, these units literally run on autopilot. When your power goes out, they start automatically. When the power comes back on, they automatically cut off and revert back over to your utility company.

2. They Supply Fuel Effortlessly

If you ever had a good portable generator, then you know how great they are. However, there is one drawback when you are using a portable generator as a back up unit for your home; YOU HAVE TO KEEP REFUELING! That’s not a good thing especially in extreme cold weather. A standby generator fueled by propane with a permanent hook-up, essentially eliminates the constant refueling. Depending on the size fuel tank and the wattage of the generator, you could give yourself anywhere from five to eleven days of backup power.

3. They Provides You With Peace of Mind

Do you have an alarm protecting your valuables while you’re away? Do you have health-related products or vital medicines require refrigeration? Does anyone in your home use medical equipment that requires electricity? With a propane powered standby generator, you can go away from home and go to sleep at night knowing that you are covered! Whether you are at home or away, when you experience a power outage, your standby generator automatically takes over and provides back up power until the utility power is restored. This feature can not only save lives, it can save you thousands of dollars in property damage.

4. They Are Sleekly Designed

One of the drawbacks preventing many homeowners from getting a standby generator was the fact that they were obtrusive. Before the new sleek designs, the older units stuck out like sore thumbs. The newer models could be mistaken for air conditioning units and they purr like kittens due to the sound proofing design and materials. There are other good reasons, but these alone make choosing a propane generator the best deal on the block when you want a standby generator that you can truly depend on.

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