Information On RV Generators

If you don’t know, an RV generator provides electrical power for appliances in RV’s, also known as recreational vehicles.

Does Every RV Owner Need a RV Generator?

Because RVs are meant to travel to remote places without power sources, without an RV Generator, life in an RV would be miserable on the road. Think about it… with no electrical power you wouldn’t be able to use the necessities of life such as a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, computer or a hair dryer. You also wouldn’t be able to watch television or have access to hot water. Talk about a drag! Without a RV Generator in your recreational vehicle, you’d literally be living in the Stone Age.

Why Can’t I Use Any Type of Generator to Power My RV?

There are two primary reasons; (1) because of health issues related to emissions and gas fumes. When it comes to an RV Generator, not all generators are created equally. Since your safety is your number one concern, you want to use a RV compliant generator; one that meets or exceeds EPA emissions and carbon monoxide standards. Secondarily, many campgrounds have noise limitations and RV generators that do not meet their standards are pretty much useless.

What Features Should I Look For in a Good RV Generator?

  • An electric start with an electric fuel pump
  • Easy access maintenance points for easier repair
  • Safety mechanisms such as automatic fuel safety and high oil pressure shutoff
  • Efficiency, (i.e., low fuel consumption and a high-energy output)
  • Easily readable gauges, (i.e., fuel, wattage, temperature)

What Are Some RV Generator Brands Worth Looking At?

  • Onan RV Generators
  • Honda RV generators
  • Generac Guardian RV Generators
  • Kohler RV Generators
  • Kipor RV Generators
  • Yamaha RV Generators

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