How To Save a Lot of Money on a Professional Home Generator Installation

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Home generator installation can get real expensive if you don’t know how to control the costs. Of course some people decide they’d like to attempt to do it themselves. If you are a qualified electrician or a contractor, we say, “GO for it!” On the other hand, if not, there are some potentially dangerous installation issues that should not be left to the inexperienced. I deal with those issues in the section entitled: Home Generator Installations Are Not For Do It Yourselfers. That being said, let’s take a look at how to save a bundle on your home generator installation…

Prepping For a Home Generator Installation

The first key to saving money is making the job easy for the home generator installation electrician. This part is critical from the very onset. HOT TIP: Remember, time is money and when you create an environment in the work area in your home that saves the installer time, your are in effect saving money.

Here’s a common problem installers face. They arrive to a home and instead of being able to get to work immediately, they are faced with clearing out a garage, waiting on cars, boats, etc., to be moved or removed. Or they have to deal with some other obstacle that hinders their ability to get right to work such as, dogs, animals, or a water drenched area that poses a safety hazard. You must address these issues and obstacles prior to your home generator installation.

Dog Lovers Be Aware of The Time

I realize that there are a lot of dog lovers who classify their dogs as friendly and literally consider their dogs as part of their family. However friendly your dogs, when they come and stay in contact with the home generator installation electrician, THEY ARE BURNING TIME!

And remember, time is money!

These issues and obstacles are one of the big time and money siphons on a project. Make sure that prior to having your home generator installation, that you have prepped the work areas. They should be clear of all of the aforementioned obstacles and hindrances.

Order a Home Generator Installation “In Home Survey”

The second key to saving money on you home generator installation is ordering an “In Home Survey.” Notice, I didn’t say a free estimation. You want to get an “In Home Survey” performed by a qualified professional who is an expert in the field of standby power.

This survey normally costs around $100.00 dollars but no more than $150.00. The price of the survey is always deductible from the cost of the installation provided that you go with the same company.

A Home Generator Installation Pro Knows!

What you get with the survey is a thorough evaluation of your electrical backup needs by a qualified expert. The electrician will perform a detailed generator sizing calculation after determining whole-house power versus critical load demands. In addition, he will address any additional work that may be necessary and present a pricing figure based on those calculations.

How Long Does It Take?

A normal home generator installation takes no more than one to two days. Never have an installation done without this survey! With it, you get a thorough rundown of what you will need budget wise and time wise. This gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and make sure the electrician can get in and get out without having to add any additional billable hours. When the survey is being done, ask if you need to make any special provisions for the installer to be able to complete his job in a timely manner.

One Last Thing…

Once the actual installation is finished, the installer will walk you through the operation of the system to insure that you understand the backup power process and how your system kicks into gear once the power goes out. He will also go over maintenance and fuel issues.

At that point, you’re pretty much done with the expectation of one more important area to address. PLEASE NOTE: Most local municipalities require an inspection to verify that your home generator installation meets their requirements; the installer and/or a Generator Dealer representative will be present for that inspection as part of your install package.

If you follow this advice, you will not only save a lot of money on your home generator installation; you’ll also get a professional installation that will stand the test of time and provide you with peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

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