Should You Buy a Champion Generator?

Champion Generators are getting a lot of attention lately but how do they stack up against the competition? We get asked that question a lot. Primarily because Champion Generators cost less than the more popular brands such as Honda Generators, Yamaha Generators and Briggs and Stratton Generators.

Secondarily, due to the Internet, the search mindset as well as other online searches, people can compare prices around the world in a matter of a few moments. And you can best believe, when it comes to generators, almost everyone does their homework.

They compare: prices, brands, models and search for reviews and recalls. If you are not comparative shopping when looking for a generator, you are simply asking for trouble! Sometimes the bestselling generators may be a little hard to find. That’s why when people first learn about this line, they start scratching their heads.

Are Champion Generators Qualified?

When they spot the price difference of the Champion Generator versus a Honda Generator, for essentially the same wattage, shoppers usually go, hmmm? They want to know, what do the search options show? They also want to know about the generators reviews as well as the other product reviews.

The next two questions out of their mouths are, “Should I buy a Champion Generator? And, can this power equipment be trusted?” Here are the answers to those questions. I actually had to examine a number of variables before saying yeah or nay. Here is how Champion Generators compare to the competition, how they stack up overall and some general information.

Who Makes Champion Generators?

Champion Power Equipment was founded in 2003. We are a US owned and operated company with our own manufacturing facilities in the Zehjiang province of China. We stand head and shoulders above our competitors by our commitment to quality throughout the engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing and customer service processes.

This Company Has Never Had a Recall

That says a lot because as you know, the generator business is fiercely competitive. Manufacturers are on tight deadlines to beat competitors to the punch with new models with the latest technological advances. Sadly, some companies release equipment prematurely.

That is, they haven’t completed thorough (QC) Quality Control tests and/or Safety checks. Consequently, they end up having to recall, repair or refit thousands of units. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the Champion Generator Line has had no recalls. That means they are doing something right!

Their Customer Support Is Great

When our research team went back and pulled out the reviews we received from people who bought Champion Generators, we were kind of shocked. Why? First, we didn’t realize that we had received so many. They somehow slipped under our radar?

And, secondly, because almost everyone who had an issue and called the Champion Generator toll free tech support line had nothing but great things to say about the experience. Just to confirm, I had Mr. Lynch, one of my “Top Gun” generator evaluators, call their toll free tech support line and G-R-I-L-L one of their customer service reps. Their technician handled the questions like a pro and that’s saying a lot because Mr. Lynch pushes a few of my buttons every now and again.

Should You Buy a Champion Generator?

Based on the numerous reviews that we receive and have researched, after you purchase a Champion generator, you’ll get a good product. If you ever have any problems, the folks at Champion Generators stand behind their products and they won’t leave you hanging. If you need to call their tech support line, you’ll reach a human being who speaks English and knows what the heck they’re talking about.

Comments From Readers

Hello Joe,
Have must you been reading my mind about how Champion Generators compare with other generators deals. We just purchased an RV and we are getting ready for the race season, fishing trips and football. We have searched for a generator for the past two months and only decided what to buy after finding your website. I guess the big issue with us would be fuel efficiency, tank capacity and reliability. But the really big issue is carbon monoxide poisoning. My wife is scared out of her socks about this issue. Hopefully, I can get her to come around before football season starts.

I don’t think noise is an issue since we are not talking about parking at any of the standard RV parks. Although I do see were noise could be a problem if you park overnight at the races. In the end, we decided on two generators! We bought both a Champion generator and a Honda generator. We decided on both because the Honda is a lot smaller than the Champion and that means my wife can pick it up by herself, if I happen to be predisposed at the moment. All in all, we are happy with both of our purchases and look forward to enjoying them for years to come.

Hello Joe,
I own a contracting company in the Missouri. We actually work in Missouri, Tennessee and in the Carolinas. Needless to say, we put our generators through hell during our working seasons and have to pack them away during the winter time. When we bring the generators back out after sitting up for two months, that’s when you figure out if you have a good generator or not.

Poorly designed and poorly built generators do not perform well after being stored over long periods of time. That used to be a constant pain in the butt for us. Honestly, when it comes to purchasing products, I’ll
search for American products. I’ll even look for American companies that offers wallet shopping on the bestselling generators. Regrettably, I’ve yet to find an American generator that can hold up to the beating we put on our generators. The Champion Power Equipment has never let us down. Not even after sitting around dormant in extreme cold weather. We have yet to have a Champion Generator fail us; knock on wood!

Hello Joe,
Call me el-cheapo or whatever but after looking at the prices of the bestselling generators, I knew I was going in the opposite direction! IMHO, the prices of Honda and Yamaha generators are absolutely ridiculous in comparison to what Champion Power Equipment is asking for a comparable heavy duty generator. I looked on Yahoo shopping, did the
search and looked every which way but loose.

In the end, the price Yamaha and Honda were asking for the power equipment was more than I was willing to pay. People said that I would not be happy with any of the other portable generators but they were wrong! The Champion brand is right up there with Honda. I went through and read all kinds of generator reviews before making my decision and I can tell you unequivocally that the unit I bought is on par with the best power equipment generators. All I’m saying is, you don’t have to break the bank to get a great generator!

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