Should You Buy a Kohler Generator?

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In today’s economy very few people can afford to throw away money. BUT, they do it all the time when they purchase inferior products. One purchase that consumers have been getting burned on regular basis is the generator. The horror stories just keep coming! In some cases, these homeowners are spending and losing thousands of dollars on standby generators and in other cases, they are spending and losing hundreds of dollars on portable generators.

At, we analyze and review every generator brand and manufacturer on the market for the purpose of insuring that you avoid cheap generators and junk generators. Our goal and mission is to make sure that you make the right decision the first time.

It Is Hard To Return Generators To The Point Of Purchase

That’s important because as many people learn the hard way, it’s virtually impossible to return a portable generator to a retailer or dealer. And we don’t want to even talk about attempting to return a standby generator. One would literally have to uninstall the unit, repackage and then ship it back? Folks, that simply just doesn’t happen. Was does happen? On a good note, they buy a generator from one of the established and reliable generator manufacturers and all is well.

On a sour note, if a person makes the mistake of purchasing a junk standby generator, they usually attempt to jump through the hoops to get warranty service and customer support, only to have their attempts rebuffed. It id frustrating and nerve wracking to say the least, knowing you just spent three thousand dollars and everyone is giving you the proverbial runaround. You need to understand; there are a lot of people and companies selling generators who don’t know what they are doing.

We recently had a gentlemen share with us his nightmarish ordeal of paying a company a total of $7100.00 for the purchase and installation a standby generator. He’s having to sue the company to get his money back. The generator has never been functional because the electrician realized he was in over his head at some point during the generator installation and he walked off the job. This happens more than you think! That’s why we review generators, manufacturers and provide tutorials on what to what to expect on a generator installation and any other pertinent information you’ll need to make good decision and not get burned.

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