Titan Generators

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The Titan Industrial Company designs, manufactures and markets industrial quality portable electric generators, trash pumps, air compressors and pressure washers. Through their extensive network of independent representatives, the company sells products to both distributors and (OEM) original equipment manufacturers. Titan is extremely selective in it’s hiring; only employing highly skilled employees that produce products. At Findgenerators.net, we are focusing all of our attention on their line of major league generators

Titan Generators Are As Tough As Nails

Per the company, Titan Generators are as tough as nails. Says one distributor, “I’m telling you that Titan generators are tougher than nails!” They get a thumbs up for ruggedness, durability, reliability and dependability. Be clear on this, the Titan generator line is not designed for casual light duty use; these muscular, brawny generators are engineered for demanding industrial applications, formidable jobsites, heavy duty contractor work and for consumers with portable power requirements who require a sturdy quality built generator.

The Titan generator line is divided into two product categories:

  • Titan Gasoline Generators
  • Titan Diesel Generators

In each of these portable generator categories, Titan offers several models with various power output ratings ranging from 2500 to 7200 watts for gas powered generators, and a walloping 4800 to 6000 watts for the diesel powered generators. When you select Titan Generator, you can rest assured that you have purchased one of the best generators in the marketplace.

One thing we at Findgenerators.net remind people of, is this. This generator brand is one of the many Chinese built generators specifically designed to compete with well known brands such as Honda, Yamaha and Briggs and Stratton Generators. But as you may already know, we have yet to find a copy cat generator manufacturer that has been able to meet or beat the quality of Honda, Yamaha or Briggs and Stratton generators.

We take our hats off to Titan Generators in a number of regard; they have great PR and marketing people and based on the reviews, there generators are pretty good.

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