Information On Trailer Mounted Generators

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There are almost an unlimited number of applications that require trailer mounted generators. In this session, we’ll examine those uses.

Special Events and Entertainment Venues

When special events and entertainment venues need power or additional electrical load requirements for specific periods of time, they often turn to trailer mounted generators.

The possibilities are limitless; whether it’s a network sporting event, rock concert, corporate picnic, or a on-location movie production, trailer mounted generators are designed and engineered with the flexibility to meet unique customer requirements.

Including sound attenuated housings so that power can be supplied without disrupting the event.

Food Distribution

Imagine a food distribution center that handles ice cream, hamburger patties, and other frozen foods and they experience a power outage. In matter of hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food could be worthless. By having a heavy-duty trailer mounted generator on standby, the plant doesn’t skip a beat.

Emergency Rescue

You’ve probably seen emergency rescue teams at accident sites. In some cases, they may be engaged in rescues and require electrical power until the rescue and/or recovery is complete. Due the critical nature of some incidents, rescue teams need power at a moments notice! Trailer mounted generator fit the bill hands down.

Healthcare Facilities

Most Hospitals, medical facilities and rehabilitation centers usually already have emergency standby power. However, temporary power is used sometimes to provide power during maintenance shutdowns, expansion projects, powerhouse inspections, and for special events such as broadcasting medical procedures for education.

Construction Sites

Construction sites, drilling and mining operations, all depend on electricity to power their tools, equipment and lights. Without power, they can’t get a thing done. In many cases, due to strenuous deadlines, they may require power 24 hours a day. In many cases utility power is not available and portable generators lack the necessary kilo wattage and fuel capability to meet their demanding requirements. In this case, the best choice would be using s trailer mounted generator to keep the job site running.

Public Utility Providers

There are numerous reasons why public utility companies keep trailer mounted generators on standby. Wastewater treatment facilities, water plants, telephone central offices, etc., must maintain constant operation. Electrical failures at control stations as well as routine maintenance shutdowns create a need for reliable temporary power. With trailer mounted generators, power can be maintained. Thus, preventing interruption of necessary services.

Government Agencies

Whether it’s FEMA, a national emergency, military installation, airport, or other government facility, you can find trailer mounted generators providing the necessary power. Government agencies often require temporary power for both emergency and planned applications. To keep pace with technical innovation and advances, facility expansion and modernization are constantly taking place and trailer mounted generators are there to meet the increased power capacity to keep operations running.

Municipal Agencies

Some things simply cannot afford a power outage. My short list includes police stations, jails, schools, 911 communications services, courthouses, municipal buildings and fire departments. When an outage occurs due to severe weather or utility blackouts/brownouts, trailer mounted generators are deployed provide reliable power allowing crucial services and operations to be maintained.

Manufacturing & Processing Plants

Some facilities such as the large industrial manufacturing plants and chemical/petrochemical plants need constant power. When they go through their regularly scheduled maintenance shutdowns or experience emergencies from plant power failures, they almost always resort to trailer mounted generators.

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