What Do You Think About Used Generators?

Used generators, also known as remanufactured generators or refurbished units, can be a money saving solution to your needs; if you buy right. There are a lot of variables you need to consider in order to purchase a generator that has had a previous owner. if you account for those variables, you will be a happy camper. If not, this could be a very bad experience.

Let’s face it; buying a used generator can be a smart economical way to provide backup electrical power for your home or business without stressing your bank account.

If well maintained, used generators are certainly a great investment. Amazingly, one can often save 25% to 50% or more by buying a used generator. When it comes to buying used generators there are some important factors to consider.

Pre-Owned Facts You Must Consider

  1. You won’t get warranty coverage that you would typically get with a new model.
  2. It may be hard to find parts and accessories for older generators, (i.e., 10 years or older). Do your homework to make sure that you can find replacement parts before your purchase.
  3. Some dealers and repair centers may not work on or repair older used generators models.
  4. When purchasing a used generator, you want to altogether avoid cheap generators. They don’t last as long as more rugged popular brand name units.
  5. Some used generators, depending on the brand and age of the unit, may require constant maintenance.

Since most of the wear and tear is centered on the motor, make sure your dealer inspects all the hoses and belts, replaces the coolant, changes the oil and spark plugs and does any other routine maintenance called for by the manufacturer. If you take those steps you can avoid buyer’s remorse.

As in many other industries, there’s a market both for “remanufactured” generators and as-is used generators. We like the remanufactured generators because they been completely overhauled – in addition to basic maintenance, they’ve gone through a more thorough reconditioning, had worn parts replaced, and in many cases may carry a basic 90-day warranty.

When purchasing a portable generator it’s probably best to choose new equipment because gasoline-powered portable generators tend to take more abuse, and the smaller 3600 RPM engines they use aren’t as reliable and long-lasting as the 1800 RPM engines found on most diesel backup generators. Also, since they cost much less to begin with, you really won’t be saving that much.

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