Winco Generators

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The Winco Generator Company is now celebrating its 80th anniversary. That means for over eight decades, Winco has been setting the industry standard for building quality, dependable generators and manufactures the broadest line of generators among any manufacturer in the industry.

It has become clear that Winco has been and will continue to supply top of the line generators to their customers for years to come. As they say at Winco, “Generators are what we do and we do them well.”

The History of Winco Generators

At, we really love the history behind the Winco Generators and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. It’s what the American dream is all about. In 1927, two brothers Cherokee, Iowa, John and Gerhard Albers had a vision and a solution to a problem. They developed a wind generator called “The Wincharger” to recharge a 6-volt storage battery which was used to power radios.

Of course, back then the radio was just as important to the people then as the Internet and the World Wide Web is important to us today. The Albers brothers were soon building Winchargers for their neighbors and friends. In 1935, Wincharger was incorporated as a business and manufacturing was moved to Sioux City, Iowa. The Zenith Corporation saw the potential of this product and purchased a controlling interest in Wincharger in late 1935.

Purchasers of Zenith radios were able to buy a six-volt Wincharger for $10. In 1937, Zenith Radio Corporation purchased the remaining shares of Wincharger stock; soon the company was known all over the world for the unfailing dependability of the Wincharger. The Winco Generator line has taken that same tenacity and vision and built one of the most reliable and comprehensive generator lines which includes:

  • Portable Generators for the Residential Consumer
  • Industrial Portable Generators
  • Tri Fuel Portable Generators
  • Packaged Standby Generators
  • Transfer Switches
  • Mobile Diesel Systems
  • Winco PTO Generators
  • Emergency
  • Two Bearing

In you live in a remote area, you might want to take a look at their Tri Fuel Portable Generators. These units can operate on gasoline, propane and natural gas, literally at the flip of a switch.

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